Supplying Quality Automotive Parts Since 1930

For auto dealers and mechanics, having the right automobile parts at hand is important to provide prompt services to customers. Barron Motor Supply, Inc. is here to provide you with all your automotive needs. We are a trusted supplier of automotive parts, serving dealers, mechanics, and individuals through our 15 locations in Eastern Iowa.

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Based in Cedar Rapids, IA, Barron Motor Supply, Inc. has maintained a legacy of quality service that has kept our business thriving. Over the years, we have also gained insight in the industry which helped us streamline our own process.

As a wholesaler for automotive parts, we make sure to buy from trusted manufacturers and provide high-quality products to our clients. Apart from our multiple locations in Eastern Iowa, we can also deliver your purchases right to your doorstep.

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Call today and tell us how we can provide your automotive needs. Our friendly staff will gladly accommodate your requests.